Sherrod Custom Trucks For Sale Near Poinciana, FL

At Dyer Chevy in Lake Wales, FL, we’re proud to feature the customized quality work of Sherrod Trucks. We have the strongest, most dependable Chevy trucks on our lot, ready to haul the heftiest load and power through whatever you have in mind. But if you’re as excited about style as you are about strength, be sure to check out the lifted trucks for sale put together by Sherrod Trucks. While there are a lot of customizers that court our services, we’re proud to partner with Sherrod Trucks to give our neighbors a truly professional customizing experience. When we send a local family’s new Chevy truck to the experts at Sherrod Trucks, we’re confident it will be returned with the highest standard of quality and attention to detail.

We don’t put our Chevrolet vehicles in the hands of just anybody. Our customers consistently rave about working with Sherrod Trucks and often bring them other trucks to reconfigure over time. Read through their reviews, and you’ll find even more customers that headed back for their second truck, third truck… and so on. As longtime lovers of custom trucks, we know there is no stronger endorsement than that.

For You and Only You

Sherrod Trucks has delivered beautiful custom conversion vans and custom trucks for automotive fans around the world for over 42 years. Whether you’re interested in making the center console in your Rocky Ridge trucks for sale more secure or draping your new lifted Chevy Silverado in the American flag, Sherrod Trucks has you covered. Our lifted trucks for sale may include lift kits, two-tone paint jobs with racing stripes, bed covers, private label wheels, embroidered leather interiors with your logo or name, Hunter 4 wheel laser alignment, custom brake line extension and brackets, premium N-3 Nitrogen-filled shocks, durable extended front knuckles, a performance exhaust, and even a gun safe.

There is no part of your Chevy that Sherrod Trucks can’t customize to your specifications. They are experts in every part of the Chevrolet truck. Whether you have a specific idea for one of your custom trucks that needs a particular black graphite pattern in the truck bed or just want a truck you can truly call your own, their designers will make magic happen with whatever instructions you have. They work with you every step of the way to make a truck that makes you smile every time you get a glimpse of the garage.

Since 1979, Sherrod Trucks has helped families find custom trucks that fit just right in their driveways. They are a Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM) and a member of the NTEA (The Association for the Work Truck Industry). Each custom truck package and design brings to life a completely different truck and/or luxury van that sacrifices nothing in size and strength. All of our customizations are done by American workers at our single facility in Waycross, GA. This location allows our lifted trucks for sale to easily be transported to driveways and dealerships near Poinciana, FL, and throughout the southeast region of the United States. It is a testament to our true commitment to American parts and labor, even as the automotive industry strays further away.

Our designers make a point of being able to customize all kinds of makes and models. Our customers bring us a lot of different custom trucks and vans, including the Chevy Silverado 1500 for sale. Other car customizers can’t compare to a knowledge base built over for over a generation. Some of our favorite Chevy models for customs are:

  • Chevy Silverado Eclipse Edition
  • Chevy Silverado LZ-1 Edition
  • Chevy Silverado Signature Edition
  • Chevrolet Express Van
Chevy Silverado LZ1 Edition
Chevy Silverado LZ1 Edition
Chevy Silverado LZ1 Edition
Chevy Silverado Signature Edition
Chevy Silverado Signature Edition
Chevy Silverado Signature Edition

The Sherrod Trucks Difference

There is no replacement for 42 years of experience on the job. Trust the designers, engineers, and technicians at Sherrod Trucks to take care and control of your car’s interior and exterior; it’s far from their first rodeo. We wouldn’t steer our local community towards anyone else when it comes to custom trucks and vans.

Come visit our showroom today at Dyer Chevy in Lake Wales, FL, to see the striking designs and unique customization options available through Sherrod Trucks and the wide range of models we have to choose from. We know that your truck is a part of everyday life down here in Florida and that the “sunshine state” demands some things out of your truck that other places don’t have to consider. Make sure that as you are powering along the road, everyone knows who’s coming, and nobody can take their eyes off your truck as you roar by.

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