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Used corvettes available at Dyer Chevy in Lakes Wales, FloridaThe year was 1953, and the top-secret code name was: “Project Opel.” It was post-WWII America, and America’s car company was inspired by the open-aired, fun-loving Jeep. Overseas, smaller, lightweight sports-cars were also being enjoyed by ex-servicemen who wanted to experience an unrestricted, liberating sense of freedom behind the wheel, on the open road. It was also the dawn of the space race, and the discovery of advanced technology was all the rage. Utilizing lightweight materials such as a fiberglass body and a rocket-fin silhouette, the first 300 Corvettes were built by hand in a small factory in Flint, MI. Finished in Polo White with Sportsman’s Red interior, power was modest, and the list of options was short: you could choose from an available radio and heater, and that was that. Fast forward through nearly 70 years of fanatical buyers, legendary race accolades, innumerable powertrain experiments, and we arrive at the 8th generation of the “Vette,” equally as difficult to buy as the original ‘53 “Blue Flame.” Fortunately, Dyer Chevy of Lake Wales has a comprehensive collection of used Corvette sports cars for sale, offering you a fantastic opportunity to experience “America’s Sports Car.” Thankfully, you’ll find a few more amenities available than a radio and a heater.

Where Do Our Covettes Come From?

Simply put, our selection of pre-owned Corvettes come from sports-car enthusiasts like you! Many of them are low ownership or 1-owner vehicles that were recent trade-ins or lease returns. With the growing popularity and demand for the Corvette, we have stepped up our efforts to bring you some of the most amazing Vette’s out there, so it’s also possible to see examples here that were the result of dealer trades, private auction purchases, and beyond. Regardless of where they come from, they will all receive expert-level inspections, servicing, road-testing, and cosmetic detailing. We know you have high expectations, and you’ve come to the right place to have them all exceeded.

Top Corvette Models And Their Highlights

Typically, the used Corvette models you will find here will come from a rolling selection spanning the last five years. That said, the C6 has made its appearance enough times that you can also expect Corvette availability through the last decade and a half. Let’s take a look at the model overviews:

  • The C6 – Sixth Generation (2005-2013): Reintroducing the open body headlight design for the first time in nearly 60 years, the C6 brings more interior room than the C5 and more standard power. The standard LS2 motor yielded 400HP and a 0-60 in just over 4 seconds. Be on the lookout for the Z06 introduced in 2005. It included an all-aluminum frame and a 427 cubic inch V8 that delivers 505HP with a 0-60 in 3.7 seconds. Other notable models were the ZR1 introduced in 2007 with 638HP and a top speed of 205mph and the reintroduction of the Grand Sport in 2010. The Grand Sport featured specialized aesthetics as well as shorter gearing and launch control for lightning-fast acceleration.
  • The C7 – Seventh Generation (2014-2019): With a re-fresh aimed at inspiring a more aggressive and youthful driving style, the C7 was introduced a year prior, unofficially, in a popular racing video game. With the new LT1 V8, drivers could rocket off the line with active fuel management, VVT, and direct injection. 455HP was brought to the wheels through a 6-speed manual, 7-speed manual, or an 8-speed automatic with paddle-shifting. Collectors should be on the lookout for the redesigned Corvette checkered flag and Stingray badgework, which calls upon Corvette’s popular 2nd generation. Project Opel’s desire for space-age materials are taken to the next level in this generation as carbon-fiber, composite, and carbon-nano materials can be found throughout the vehicle’s body and underpinnings. Models from this generation saw up to 755HP variants, and the Z06, ZR1, Stingray, and Grand Sport Collector’s Edition became the last of the front-engine Vette’s that the world would ever see.

Dyer Chevy In Lake Wales Makes Owning A Corvette Easy(er)

It’s no surprise that the 2020 C8 was introduced at the Kennedy Space Center as most of the design cues seemed to be borrowed from the futuristic B-21 Stealth Raider and the F-35 Lightning II. Odds are, we won’t have a pre-owned C8 available for some time, but our used Corvette sales department is actively growing its inventory. Tough to get a hold of, sure. Easy for us to work with you, definitely. Dyer Chevy is doing everything possible to make finding your perfect Corvette easy, so contact one of our pre-owned Vette specialists to get the latest updates. Our finance department is standing by to assist you with products and services for total product enjoyment, and our service center is here for you to make sure your baby is always race-ready. Now, if you are getting antsy and are looking for another take on American muscle, why not give a look towards the modern representative of the iconic Camaro? Decisions, decisions.

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