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Chevy Bolt EV: Range, Specs, Features

The Chevy Bolt EV is your answer to how to enter the all-electric vehicle market in an affordable way. This compact machine is surprisingly spacious, and both trims are packed with modern essentials that make every trip a pleasure. Additionally, the newest version of this vehicle has seen improvements and upgrades to its battery system, making it an even safer and more reliable car. Scroll down to learn more about this must-have car and to see what life is like with an EV in Lake Wales.

Your Chevy Bolt EV

The latest Chevy Bolt EV is ready to make an impression. Some people may still cling to the mental image of electric vehicles of the past: those with weak performance that weren’t always considered stylish. Fortunately, times have changed; vehicles like the Chevy Bolt EV prove that you don’t have to pay a lot to get a lot. You can choose from one of the following trims:

  • Chevy Bolt EV 1LT
  • Chevy Bolt EV 2LT

Both models bring some serious style and tech to the fray. Your Chevy Bolt EV will come with a standard eight-inch digital driver’s center display, a 10.2-inch touch-screen infotainment screen, smartphone connectivity, voice command, revised controls, a flat-bottom steering wheel, forward collision warning, lane-departure warning, lane-keep assistance, autonomous braking, a backup camera, and so much more.

It can also feature enhanced front seats with soft-touch materials dressing the rest of the cabin. You and your guests will spend your drive in total comfort with 93.9 cubic feet of passenger space. Order a Chevy Bolt today or swing by our showroom to see what’s in stock.

Chevy Bolt EV Specs

What powers this amazing compact EV? Your Chevy Bolt EV specs include a 65-kWh lithium-ion battery that produces 200 horsepower from a single motor that drives the front wheels. According to the Chevy team, each model is fast-charge ready, which means you can replenish an impressive 100 miles in as little as thirty minutes at a DC fast-charge station.

You can also set up charging at home. You can accomplish about four miles per hour at 120-V or 39 miles per hour at 240-V. Talk to one of our team members if you have any questions about this process.

Chevy Bolt EV Range

As previously noted, Chevy knows that small doesn’t have to mean less. The Chevy Bolt EV range is an EPA-rated 259 miles on a full charge.1 Also, according to the EPA, you’ll see up to 131 MPGe (city)/109 MPGe (highway)/120 MPGe (combined).1

Here’s another benefit to driving a Chevy Bolt EV. You’ll enjoy access to over 1,000 public charging stations in Florida available to you without cost. Yes, you read that correctly. All you have to do is a basic internet search for “free EV charging near me,” and you’ll see scores of stations right near your location. Learn more about EV-life at the eco-minded Chevy dealer in Florida that you know by name.

The Chevy Bolt EV vs. Chevy Bolt EUV

People often assume that these two vehicles are the same. While they are part of the same EV family, the Chevy Bolt EUV is the larger of the two. Riffing off the SUV acronym, the EUV is an electric utility vehicle. The main difference is its boxy body that makes load-carrying easier with a bit more room in the backseat for passengers. However, the confusion between these two models isn’t unfounded. The Chevy Bolt EV vs. Chevy Bolt EUV offer similar performance and benefits and are equally beloved by our staff and customers.

Chevy Bolt EV FAQs

Of all the new Chevy cars for sale in our inventory, this is the most affordable (and fun) way to delve into the eco-driving lifestyle. Let’s take a look at some key questions that shoppers often ask about the Chevy Bolt EV.

Is the Chevy Bolt fully electric?

Yes, it is. Powered by a 65-kWh lithium-ion battery, the Chevy Bolt EV doesn’t use a drop of gas and produces zero emissions. This has several benefits. In addition to saving you money at the pump, all-electric vehicles require much less maintenance than their gasoline-engine-run counterparts.

How long do Chevy Bolt EVs last?

Owner care and usage weigh in on the longevity of any vehicle. However, if you were to drive one about 15,000 miles per year, you can reasonably expect the Chevy Bolt EV to last up to 26 years — or about 400,000 miles of service — before needing significant repairs. That’s quite a lot of journeys you two can take together.

1EPA-estimated 131 MPGe (city)/109 MPGe (highway)/120 MPGe; EPA-estimated 259-mile EV range. Your actual range may vary based on several factors, including temperature, terrain, battery age, and how you use and maintain your vehicle.

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