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Sometimes more is more, and our selection of lifted trucks for sale in Florida is a case in point. For starters, that high-riding stance stands out above the crowd with looks that scream “ready for business.” But that isn’t just for show, as a lifted truck can be ready for whatever business you may ask of it, be it off-roading, mudding, water fording, or rock crawling when it comes with a 4×4 drivetrain.

Our inventory has one with your name on it. It also has one with the Rocky Ridge or Sherrod name on it, giving you the ultimate in customization, confidence, and capabilities. We’ve got used lifted trucks, too, along with the parts needed to lift your current truck. We’re the trusted lifted truck dealer in Florida for all your needs, so browse our inventory below, then hit us up to experience what that awesome view out the windshield is like with a test drive today.

Discover the Power of a Lifted Chevy Silverado

Like ice cream on apple pie, a lifted Chevy Silverado makes sense. To start with, a Chevy Silverado is available with several powerful engines and tough 4×4 systems to push through the worst of conditions. Add a 4- or 6-inch lift kit, and you’ll soar right over those tough conditions. But beyond getting down and dirty, a Silverado keeps you comfortable on the road with a wide range of great features and trims — they also look downright awesome, whether stock or lifted.

Towing capacities are immense, and the tough construction makes Silverado trucks a prime candidate for a sky-high makeover. Like customizing a car, you can take your lifted Silverado in one of many directions. Contact us today, and we can help you decide on a direction for your perfect lifted truck, realize those lifted-truck dreams, and find the perfect lifted Chevy Silverado for sale for your wants, needs, and taste.

Rocky Ridge Lifted Trucks for Sale in Florida

Rocky Ridge lifted trucks for sale in Florida are American-made works of functional art, and they stand out from other lifted trucks too. With over 33 years of experience backing them, a Rocky Ridge lifted truck doesn’t just come with a lift kit. Instead, they overhaul Silverado trucks with uniquely designed, premium exterior and interior customization.

Off-road enhancements come in spades, with beefy all-terrain tires and custom Rocky Ridge wheels getting grip through the worst trails imaginable. A performance exhaust, custom badging, and a whole lot more are yours to discover. The best part? It all comes with a factory warranty, and all parts are compliant with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. Many more benefits await with Rocky Ridge lifted trucks for sale in Florida, but it speaks for itself the moment you look at it.

Sherrod Lifted Trucks for Sale in Florida

Sherrod lifted trucks for sale in Florida give you a similar American-made, time-tested custom lifted truck experience. But, they put a more luxurious twist on the lifted truck game. With trucks like the Silverado Eclipse Edition, you still get a lift, off-road-ready tires, a performance exhaust, and more. The difference starts inside, with hydro-dipped carbon fiber trim pieces, custom designer leather upholstery, and much more.

The Sherrod difference is going all-out with customization, building the truck of your dreams with no details spared. Trucks aren’t all, as you can find SUVs and vans lifted and customized by them to boot. So, to haul the whole family above the rest, look to a Sherrod lifted Chevy Tahoe for sale.

Used Lifted Trucks for Sale in Florida

Like a “normal” used truck, used lifted trucks for sale present you with a value-packed experience. All the used lifted trucks in our inventory are well cared for examples, and we back that with a thorough inspection. Choose a certified pre-owned example, and it’ll be the ultimate in confidence-per-dollar.

Custom Lifted Trucks for Sale in Florida

Are the new and used lifted trucks for sale not getting your blood pumping? Do you want to customize your own? Worry not; when you get in touch with our parts department, we can discuss suspension lift kits for sale to get it done. We can also help with off-road-ready tires, performance wheels, and more. It’s your truck, and it should be an expression of your personality. Contact us today; we want to help spec your lifted truck to your preferences.

Cap It Off With a Lifted SUV for Sale

Trucks aren’t the only vehicles that can have some lifted fun. Built with body-on-frame construction, SUVs like the Chevy Tahoe are prime candidates for a lift kit. Capabilities still come in just as strong, but you’ll have a truly massive enclosed space to accommodate all your family and friends, along with whatever they’re bringing along. Find a lifted Chevy Tahoe for sale today, and ride in style and comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find Your Lifted Truck at Dyer Chevy Lake Wales Today

Naturally, there’s a lot, and we mean a lot more to discover in our new and pre-owned lifted trucks. As well, words alone can’t convey the powerful experience of driving one. So head down to our lot, explore the current options, climb in, and take a test drive today. We’re confident that you’ll find something that fits your bill.

Fitting the bill also means fitting your budget, and we’re just as confident about that too. When you explore our inventory and find the lifted truck of your dreams, our finance department can help bring that dream into reality with our lease deals and financing plans. So stop by, and experience the sky-high power of a lifted truck today.

How is a truck lifted?

When shopping for a new lifted Silverado, it makes sense to wonder how lifted trucks are raised. When you lift a truck, you’re either raising the suspension or the body. The general purpose of lifting a truck is to increase the ground clearance by lifting important components that might get damaged while off-roading. Typically, these are the differential, axles, and body. When you install a body lift on your custom truck, you’re making more room for larger tires without changing the suspension height, which will, in turn, lift your truck. A suspension lift kit pushes the wheels away from the frame with longer shocks, bushings, and suspension components.

Will a lifted truck fit in a garage?

To determine if your new lifted truck will fit in your garage, there are two factors to consider: the height of your garage and the height of your new lifted truck. To help you figure this out, there is a formula for determining if your lifted Chevy will fit into your garage. Take the current height of your vehicle, add the lift kit, then add half the tire distance. This is your new overall height. If it’s less than the height of your garage, then you are good to go.

What is a lifted truck?

A lifted truck is a regular truck with a raised suspension or aftermarket tires that provide an extra 1–3 inches off the ground. Lifted trucks are typically used for off-roading and dunes because the additional ground clearance allows lifted trucks to traverse rugged terrain more easily and without worry that rocks might damage sensitive components and other objects.

Can a lifted truck pull a 5th wheel?

If you plan to pull a 5th-wheel trailer, we suggest at least a half-ton pickup like the Chevy Silverado. Depending on the size of your 5th wheel, you might need the power of a three-quarter-ton truck like a Silverado HD 3500. Lifted trucks can tow a fifth wheel, depending on your truck and trailer, but aren’t the ideal tow vehicle for such an application. The raised height and center of gravity on a lifted truck can provide some issues when trying to hitch up and haul out. If you need a truck to tow your 5th wheel, take a look at our inventory of new Silverado HD trucks for sale.

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