GM Family First Program

GM Family First Program


What vehicles fall under the GM Family First Discount Program’s Eligibility?

While GM might restrict certain models from the ledger, there are plenty of new Chevy vehicles for sale on our lot that qualify for the program. We encourage drivers in Lake Wales, FL, to explore our inventory and talk to our team about eligible vehicles.

How many vehicles can be purchased using GM Family First Programs?

The number of vehicles that can be purchased using GM Family First Programs depends on the number of years that the eligible GM employee has worked for the company:

GM Employee Discount Program. Under this program, active GM employees, active GM Financial employees, and retired GM employees can purchase up to 6 vehicles per year. Past hourly and salaried GM employees, as well as the widows of past employees with over 5 to 20 years of cumulative service, are eligible for the program.

GM Company-Owned Vehicle Discount. Certain parties who partake in this program can buy and/or sponsor up to 2 vehicles per year.

GM Family Legacy Program. Program participants can buy, lease and/or sponsor the purchase or lease of a combined total of 2 models per year.

Can GM Family First Programs be combined with other discounts?

Like many offers available through GM, drivers have the option to combine this offer with certain programs such as Consumer Purchase Cash, Purchase Bonus Cash, and more. Get in contact with the experts at Dyer Chevrolet Lake Wales to learn more information!

What are the GM Family Legacy Program Participant Eligibility Requirements?

GM Family Legacy is only an option for the following people:

  • Offspring of deceased GM retirees without surviving spouses.
  • Offspring of a deceased GM retiree who declined surviving spouse benefits.
  • Offspring of deceased surviving spouses who were receiving health care or pension benefits from GM.

Who is eligible as a Sponsored Purchaser of GM Family First Programs?

For this portion of the program, eligibility is based on the years of cumulative service that the eligible active, retired, former hourly or salaried GM employee has to offer. Explore your options online by visiting the website directly or by talking to one of our team members!