2020 Corvette


The 2020 Corvette is in Lake Wales, FL, and it’s bringing top speeds with it. This new mid-engine model is setting the standard for the upcoming generation of American sports cars.

What Makes the Corvette So Unique?

It is Chevrolet’s first mid-engined sports car in eight generations. Designers of the new Chevy Corvette have done away with the traditional manual transmission. Instead, they opted for a standard 6.2L V8 “LT2” engine on the base Stingray.

The new engine maximizes efficiency and speed. The motor’s structural integrity also brings promises of a heftier punch. For the base level, prospective car buyers can expect roughly 495 horsepower with 470-pound-feet of torque. With numbers such as these, the new Corvette base is expected to be the most dynamic production Stingray ever.

If you’re interested in getting a taste of Chevrolet’s newest masterpiece, contact a Chevrolet dealer near Winter Haven, Florida.