Buying Cars Online Vs. Dealership: Why Choose Dyer Chevy


Curious about car buying online vs. dealership sales? The truth might shock you. We all know that the world’s gone digital, and you can buy everything from a house to a pint of ice cream online. But what about cars? These national used car retail brands claim that they’re easy to do business with. But are they? We’ve explored their process. Our customers have returned to us, disappointed after attempting to purchase from those retailers. There’s a secret to the disappointment, and we’d love to save you the anxiety. Read on for all the details about our process and our real used cars for sale. Relax. You got this!

Our Dealership Vs. Carvana

Let’s go after the big one first. Carvana promises a premium experience. Easy shopping. Easy financing. Selection. Great pricing. Free shipping. But have you ever tried to shop with them? Here’s the reality behind working with Carvana:

  • You’ll search for your car. It will show you it’s available locally.
  • You’ll get all excited and send in an inquiry.
  • You’ll then find out the car isn’t in your state.
  • You’ll find out you have to pay for shipping.
  • You’ll find out your available unit has a purchase pending.

We hate to say it, but Carvana is really a fancier version of what auto-industry insiders refer to as “Wash-N-Go Motors, Inc.,” meaning they intake and turn cars so fast that there’s barely time for the customer. Wash. Pix. Sell. It’s nearly impossible to connect with a human. What does that mean for you? Bad things. Let’s look at another buying online vs. dealership retailer.

Our Dealership Vs. Vroom

Vroom plays the same game, but kudos to them for trying to be the little guy and that’s part of their marketing ploy. You’ll quickly find out that Vroom is nearly 100% automated. It’s almost impossible to get a hold of one person to run the deal. And you can be in Lake Wales, talking to a representative in Maine, about a car that’s really in Texas. Then you’ll find out about some other surprise fees. The savings you thought you put your finger on are pending three or four variables that often don’t apply to you. So when it comes to Vroom and buying online vs. dealership sales, we’d say stay away from them too.

Don’t Shoot the Messenger

We fully realize that talking about the competition can make it seem like we’re trying to deliberately shoot them down. We’re not. If you’re still skeptical, try them for yourself! You may see in about 20 wasted minutes that you’re being pulled down the rabbit hole on cars that don’t exist, with pricing that is not what it seems. So, where to turn for white glove automotive service and sales?

Dyer Chevy Lake Wales is here to help whether you buy a car from us or not. You can sell your car online or in-store to us with no obligation. You’ll deal with a knowledgeable human who is friendly and wants to help, right from your first contact. Now if you are in the market for your next vehicle, you can purchase one from us, right from home, with easy financing. Carvana and Vroom lean on Capital One financing to attract customers. Yet somehow, their final prices don’t match the deal you created on the same car using Capital One Auto Navigator. Why? Hidden fees and no accountability.

We use Capital One, too. Build your deal. Print your letter. Call us and come in. It’s that simple. If you’re interested in even more selection, we can help you find what you’re looking for in addition to pulling from our vast network of Dyer Automotive stores. So the difference between buying online vs. dealership sales at Dyer?

    • Go with Carvana & Vroom – Get automations, fuzzy availability on cars, and tons of frustration.


    • Go with Dyer Chevy – Get in touch with a person on the first try. Get a real deal on a real car. Learn how buying used cars online from a trusted dealership is a more satisfying experience. Drive home happy.


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